Races in Al-Greya (From what is known locally in Aramidia)


Humans are the standard by which all others are measured. Not because they are the oldest, wisest, or strongest of the races, but because they are the most widespread and varied. Other races such as dwarves and elves have never had a surviving foothold in this part of the world, and as such are not listed. Humans come in all varieties, from savage warriors of distant jungles to wise priests and holy crusaders. Humans live a little over half a century in Al-Greya. Their skin color ranges greatly, and their eyes are varied.

Human Variants of Al-Greya

Aesirgard (slave race)
Golden-haired, blue-eyed, bearded barbarians clad in chain hauberks wielding axes and wooden shields. Vigor d8; +1 to Intimidation and Tracking rolls.

Tall and powerful, with broad shoulders, curly hair and long beards, their brown skin wrinkled by harsh wind and sun. Agility d8; +1 to Climbing and Stealth rolls (but only outdoors).

A tawny-haired, grey-eyed, tanned skinned people. Str d6, +1 Charisma; +1 to Ride and Diplomacy rolls.

Argolaine (Sea Born variant)
These dark skinned and sky blue eyed people have thick, curly, dark hair and short, stocky bodies. Agility d6, +1 Charisma; +1 to Boating and Piloting rolls.

Brythtar (slave race)
Stocky, with fair skin and blond hair. Agility d6, Spirit d6; +1 to Survival rolls; receive the Beast Bond Edge for free.

Dark-haired, bronze-skinned hillsmen, bare-chested with steel shields and battle-axes. Agility d6, Vigor d6; +1 to Climbing and Tracking rolls.

Cormarean (slave race)
Black skinned as Al-Greyans go, due to intermixing with various offshoots, with a stout build and tawny hair. Vigor d6, Spirit d6; +1 to Streetwise rolls.

Hythinian (slave race)
Tall, unnaturally thin, fair-skinned folk with light brown-blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Smarts d6; +1 to Intimidation rolls; get the Arcane Background (Magic) edge for free.

Hyconian (slave race)
Horsemen with hooked noses, black hair and eyes, and deeply tanned skin; riders wear steel and silk and gold. Agility d8; +1 to Riding; ignores Unstable Platform penalty of –2 when firing bow from horseback.

Short, stout, broad-shouldered people with light brown skin, blue or brown eyes, and jet black hair (much like the Shemites, to whom they are distantly related). Strength d6, Spirit d6; +1 to Intimidation (Bluff) and Knowledge (Religion) rolls.

Black-haired and yellowish-skinned with slanted dark eyes, dressed in silk robes and oriental armor. Agility d6, Smarts d6; +1 to Notice and Acrobat rolls.

Dark-haired, bronze-skinned folk with light to dark brown hair. Vigor d8; begin play with an extra Edge (must meet requirements).

Kelbian (slave race)
Light brown to deep black skin and savage eyes. Strength d6, Agility d6; +1 to Stealth (outdoor only) and Survival rolls.

Tall, white skinned people with deep blue eyes and light or blonde hair. Smarts d6, Spirit d6; +1 to any Knowledge roll (the Nellarians being the scholars and historians of Al-Greya).

Tan, with dark hair and lean bodies. Smarts d6, +1 Charisma; begin play with 50% more starting money.

Pilisian (slave race)
Short, stocky, redish skinned people with wild black hair confined by copper bands, decorated with feathers. Agility d6, Vigor d6; +1 to Stealth (outdoor only) and Survival rolls.

Shemite (slave race)
Generally of medium height, though sometimes, when mixed with variant blood, gigantic, broadly and strongly built, with hook noses, dark eyes, and brown hair. Vigor d6, Spirit d6; +1 to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls.

This ruling class is tall, hawk-faced, bronze-skinned with dark hair and black eyes. Smarts d6; +2 to Knowledge (banking and finance) rolls; gets the Noble Edge for free.

Turallen (the 40% majority in Al-Greya)
Turbaned men with hooked noses; veiled women with black hair. Agility d6, Smarts d6; +1 to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls.

Vannoth (slave race)
Red-haired and lightly freckled skinned ravagers and raiders in longships, with ring mail, horsehide shields, spears and swords. Strength d6; +1 to Riding and Swimming rolls.

Black-haired, light brown skin; shaven-headed priests, turbaned warriors. Spirit d6; +1 to Knowledge (Religion) and Notice rolls. The Veshedian’s Notice skill is special though in that he or she can use it to sense what a person’s motive is (think old-school D&D, and the “Know Alignment” spell).

Deeply tanned with dark eyes, wearing loose-fitting robes. Smarts d6, +1 Charisma; +1 to Stealth (city only) and Streetsmarts rolls.

Tanned, curly-haired sailors and princelings, an admixture of Zigarian Valley folk (possibly of Shemite origin), invading Pilisians, and Hyconian tribes. +2 Charisma; +1 to Notice and Swimming rolls.